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contract administration
We have acted as Contract Administrator and Employer’s Agent for a wide range of Clients on all types of Traditional JCT Contracts and Design & Build projects to provide full technical and contractual support and impartial advice to the Client throughout the design and construction programme.


The Contract Administrator is responsible for administering the terms of the building contract between the parties. We follow the correct contractual procedures and good administrative practices so that the life of the building contract from inception to completion is accurately and completely recorded.

We undertake site inspections with the support of the project team to monitor progress and quality. This is an important and skilful operation that allows the early identification of any issues which can then be managed and accordingly resolved.

During the construction phase project meetings are typically managed by the Contract Administrator. We schedule meetings well in advance to ensure full attendance with the necessary planning for each team member. Promptly after the meeting we issue a set of minutes with actions and associated deadlines identified.

A key role for the contract administrator is for the timely issue of instructions confirming variations under the Building Contract. Agreeing any cost and programme implications associated with such instructions is vital for achieving certainty on a project.

A set or pre-requisites for practical completion must be identified in the building contract. We ensure these pre-requisites have been met to allow Practical Completion to be granted. Practical Completion transfers obligations from the Contractor to the Employer and we ensure the Employer is well prepared for this to allow a smooth handover of the project.

Loss and expense provisions provide for the contractor to be reimbursed for deferment of possession, or delay to the regular progress of the works having been affected by certain specified circumstances, where the contractor will not be reimbursed by other provisions of the building contract. Any such claim by a contractor for loss and expense will be carefully considered by the Contract Administrator to make sure all the contract requirements have been met. The client will be regularly informed of progress through this process.