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project management
Overseeing the planning and delivery of construction projects to ensure the work is completed to specification, on time and within budget.


At the outset of a project, outline timescales should be agreed with the client with key milestones identified. All members of the project team must “buy in” to this programme. Tracking of actual progress against projected progress is vital against critical path items to ensure its smooth and efficient delivery.

All projects have risks. Identifying and managing these risks will significantly improve the successful delivery of a project. We produce a comprehensive risk register which sets out whether the risk is considered high, medium of low, the mitigation measures in place and the date for resolution.

Value engineering on many projects is only considered when there is a “problem with cost overrun” however at BWF we implement a value engineering exercise at the end of each RIBA stage to ensure the design team are focused on reviewing their design to provide the “best value” for the client

We undertake buildability reviews during the project design phase to ensure they are biddable (attractive to the market), buildable, cost-effective and maintainable. We use our significant experience, expertise and construction knowledge with the input of design team members and specialist subcontractors to meet these requirements.

A change control procedure is adopted at an early stage of the design to ensure that any “changes” are reviewed by the team to establish any cost or programme impacts and to ensure the client expressly agrees to such changes. This process avoids unexpected surprises (usually cost increases and programme delays) and ensures they are properly documented for all members of the project team to be aware of.

A major determinant of project success is the selection of the correct procurement strategy. We listen to and consider carefully each clients key drivers. We then prepare a report to review with the client and agree the strategy to be implemented. We are experts in this process and in addition to the typical procurement routes that are often adopted we provide bespoke solutions to meet our client’s needs.