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project monitoring
Protecting the Client’s interests by identifying and advising on the risks associated with acquiring an interest in a development that is not under the Client’s direct control.
Project Monitor
Who for?

Project Monitoring is carried out on behalf of a range of alternative Client types including, for example:

  • a funding institution, which will acquire the scheme as an investment upon completion
  • a tenant or purchaser which enters into a commitment to lease or purchase a property upon completion
  • grant funders
  • a Bank or other development finance company where a loan matures at the end of the development period
  • private finance initiative funders and end users


We assist clients prior their acquisition on a range matters that can be tailored to their specific requirements. Such advice may include a review of matters that affect the land title (boundaries, easements, covenants, etc.) as well as other neighbourly matters (party walls, rights to light, etc.)

It is fundamental to any scheme that the Project Monitor establishes the statutory and other consents required and, insofar as is possible, ensures these have been obtained or are likely to be obtained prior to the Client entering into contract with a Developer. We advise the Client appropriately, regarding the their exposure to risk, and ensure that these consents are achieved in a timely manner during the development process.

We advise on technical aspects of development, sale or lease as well as consultancy and construction agreements. This will include commenting on how these agreements protect the Client’s interests.

We review these documents and provide the Client with an informed overview and will highlight any areas of concern and significant omissions that may present a risk.

Clients will often instruct us to review the design, specification and plans and monitor the works as they proceed. This is particularly common where a Client enters into an agreement to fund, purchase or lease a development that has yet to be built.

Competency of the Developer, its team and any proposed project management systems

The precise level of advice will, of course, depend upon individual Client requirements however the typical scope of this service is as follows:

  • to advise on the skills and experience of individual team members for discharging their appointments
  • thirdly to comment on whether the fees, scopes of services and resources individual team members propose to deploy in respect of the development are adequate
  • Review the procurement of the development team and in the public sector ensure that the appropriate procurement protocols have been followed.